ASP Law advises artists, service-providers and product-makers on a wide spectrum of legal matters including but not limited to:
+ Copyright and trademark protection and enforcement
+ Entity formation including non-profit counseling
+ Drafting intellectual property related licensing agreements
+ Preparing website compliance and disclaimer notices
+ Negotiating independent contractor, employment and work-for-hire contracts
ASP Law is dedicated to providing efficient and affordable business legal services to those we represent. Our portfolio of creators populate the world of music, film, publishing and visual arts. Representative businesses include record companies, film co-ops, emerging entrepreneurs, non-profits and digital design firms.

Whether you are a sole-proprietor or rapidly expanding startup, ASP Law provides in-depth industry knowledge with focused and trustworthy legal advice.

Pat Ryan is a California attorney who graduated with distinction in Intellectual Property from Golden Gate University Law School.

Leading up to law school Mr. Ryan was a paralegal on the legal team of noted trademark attorney Carole Barrett. He assisted attorneys in handling a portfolio of thousands of international trademarks with a client base that included the world's leading tech companies, commercial publishers and international film franchises.

Prior to law school, Mr. Ryan was the co-founder/lead singer of the San Francisco band A Subtle Plague who released numerous albums on indie and major labels and toured extensively in the U.S. and abroad.

Professional legal skill and experience as a working artist make Mr. Ryan uniquely qualified among IP attorneys to understand, protect and support the growth of your products, services and creative works.

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